Tips and Tools for Working in a Mobile Age

Over the past several years, mobile devices and cloud technology have significantly changed the way law firms work, enabling their employees to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device. These solutions have also made it possible for lawyers to reclaim otherwise unavoidable lost time while waiting for a client to arrive or a case to be called, traveling, or going about other daily activities. Instead, a law firm’s staff can now use this time to:

  • Check emails, and read and edit documents
  • Communicate and collaborate with colleagues and clients
  • Conduct research and perform other important tasks to add value to clients
Because mobile devices have become so essential to practicing law in today’s world, below are some articles on tips, tricks, and tools for working remotely:

How to Improve the Battery Life on Any Mobile Device

50 Really Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

Did You Know?

  • It’s important to use Multifactor Authentication App rather than MFA text messaging when accessing AirDesk in locations that don’t have cell service, such as on airplanes, overseas, or in certain buildings.
  • AirDesk uses Multifactor Authentication for secure logins over unauthorized networks—ideal for mobile access.
  • AirDesk works well on mobile devices because Hosted Apps in the cloud appear as though they’re installed and running locally on a mobile device. The Hosted Apps also take full advantage of and automatically adjust to the individual screen sizes of different mobile devices.
  • With AirDesk, hosted desktops or terminal services present a desktop on a mobile device and then the application runs inside the desktop, which makes the application very small.

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