How to Reach AirDesk’s Customer Support Team

Please contact us at:
Phone: (801)441-2100, Option 2
Customer care portal:

Note: AirDesk currently offers three different levels of customer support with a range of response times depending on the severity level and urgency of an issue, as follows*:

  • AirDesk offers 24/7/365 support for severity 1 issues.
  • All non-critical support issues are handled during AirDesk’s regular business hours, which are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. US Mountain Time. Messages left on the support line or emails sent to support automatically open a support ticket and immediately alert on-call technicians. Customers can expect a call back outside business hours, on weekends, or holidays within 30 minutes.
  • AirDesk manages all customer support requests via a ticketing system. Customers can log in to the ticket portal and view the status and history of their support tickets at:

*Resolution times are not guaranteed (no exceptions) due to the dependency on the nature of the reported problem and changes in customer operating environments.

For more information on AirDesk’s support tiers, as well as AirDesk’s policy on what is supported and when, visit:
AirDesk Customer Service