Question of the Month – August


Question of the Month

Q:  Our law firm would like to increase the security of our client emails. Does AirDesk offer any additional solutions for this?

A:  Yes. In addition to offering standard security for email in the cloud, AirDesk also offers two email encryption solutions to help law firms ensure their confidential client communications are safe, secure, and comply with industry-specific state and federal privacy legislation. These include:

  • A policy-based encrypted email solution, which encrypts emails based on an organization’s rules and policies—all without disrupting day-to-day workflows. (For example, a law firm may ask to encrypt emails with legal case information, social security or credit card numbers, patient information, etc.) With this solution, policies can be configured to encrypt and send, return to sender, or delete messages which include insecure content. All email content and attachments are automatically scanned to detect whether the email message warrants encryption or not before it’s sent.
  • A user-level encrypted email solution. This solution encrypts emails from a desktop client, and can also be used to encrypt intra-company and confidential communications.

For details on one or both of these solutions or for pricing information, contact AirDesk Legal at (801)441-2100 or