Document storage options with AirDesk Legal

AirDesk currently offers two options for legal document storage in the cloud:

  1. Cloud document storage.
  2. Hosting legal document management software in the cloud, including Office365, Worldox, iManage, NetDocuments, and more.
These storage options enable law firms to:
  • Store and organize massive volumes of legal documents and data in a single, central repository (document management).
  • Limit and manage access to those documents, as well as protect and safeguard confidential client data (ensure privacy and security).
  • Search for documents (conduct eDiscovery).
  • Convert paper documents into electronic records (to facilitate a paperless office and workflow).
  • Rapidly recover/restore documents and data in the event of a disaster (disaster recovery).
More importantly, a law firm’s employees never have to download documents to several different devices, replicate them, and try to keep all the data in them up to date.
  • Provides your law firm with both short and long-term document and data storage.
  • Offers a much more cost-effective and secure storage option for large volumes of documents and data than traditional storage options.
  • Allows you to easily scale your storage needs up or down at any time, and only pay for the amount of storage you actually use.
  • Helps facilitate a paperless office.
  • Disaster recovery.
Did You Know? AirDesk has experience storing and managing over 25 million legal documents.