Office 365 for law firms in the cloud

Access to Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint

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Office 365 in the Cloud

A law firm needs constant access to documents and the flexibility to work from anywhere. Office is the foundation for creating, organizing, and sharing legal documents and other important files.

Law firms are constantly creating documents, your firm needs to:

1. Edit documents from anywhere, on any device
2. Create presentations on the fly
3. Mange schedules and contacts
4. Manage and track emails
5. Save your documents securely

AirDesk provides Microsoft Office with a full virtual workspace.

Benefits of Office 365 in the Cloud


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Share and access documents from anywhere

With AirDesk you can instantly edit and share your documents, anywhere, on any device.

Have access to Microsoft Office on any computer

Work from the office, home, court, or on the road.

100% paperless office

Keep your desk free and clear as all documents are in the AirDesk cloud.

Consistent access to Outlook

With AirDesk you will always be able to login to Outlook and access your email.

Don't worry about updates

AirDesk manages updates so you never have to worry about software headaches.

Access Office 365 on the AirDesk Legal Cloud

Office 365 on the Cloud

With AirDesk Legal you will always have Office at your fingertips. Access your work anywhere, anytime without missing a beat.

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Access Documents On All Devices

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With AirDesk, your law firm’s employees can work from anywhere with ease. Employees can access documents in Microsoft Office from any device with an internet connection. Enjoy the benefits of Office 365 and improved work-life balance with AirDesk Legal.

AirDesk® Legal provides a full suite of cloud-based services for law office automation. Everything you need from virtual servers to hosted practice management software is available to streamline your legal practice.

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