Filevine Case Management on AirDesk Legal

Access to Filevine Case Management Software from any computer with AirDesk Legal


Filevine Case Management on AirDesk Legal

A law firm needs constant access to documents and the flexibility to work from anywhere. Case management is the foundation for managing legal documents and other important files.

Law firms are constantly creating new documents, your firm needs to:

1. Edit documents from anywhere, on any device
2. Create presentations on the fly
3. Manage schedules and contacts
4. Manage and track emails
5. Save your documents securely
6. Submit and Easily share reports

Filevine Case Management on AirDesk Legal provides this plus a full virtual workspace that integrates with all features of Filevine.

Filevine of Needles Case Management on AirDesk Legal


Short Description

Share and access documents from anywhere.

With AirDesk, you can quickly edit and share your documents on any device with a reliable internet connection.

Access Filevine Case Management from any computer.

Use Filevine to streamline efficiency. With AirDesk legal you can manage work from home, the office, and even court without missing a beat.

100% paperless office.

Make the move to a paperless office. With AirDesk Legal you can collaborate with others from anywhere. No more printing and passing stacks of paper.

Reliable Servers.

In house servers age and are at risk of failure. Our systems are state-of-the-art and are fully redundant. Your information is in good hands with AirDesk Legal.

Document Security.

With AirDesk Legal you can be sure that your documents will be backed up so they can be recovered in case of emergencies.

Access Filevine Case Management with AirDesk Legal Cloud

Filevine Case Management on AirDesk

With Filevine Case Management hosted on AirDesk Legal you can have quick access to Filevine from any computer with a reliable internet connection. Access your work from home, the office, or anywhere else without missing a beat or losing documents.

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With AirDesk, your law firm’s employees can work from anywhere with ease. Employees can access documents and projects from any device with an internet connection. Enjoy the benefits of Filevine Case Mangement and improved work-life balance with AirDesk Legal.

AirDesk® Legal provides a full suite of cloud-based services for law office automation. Everything you need from virtual servers to hosted practice management software is available to streamline your legal practice.

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