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Access your software on your private Law Firm Cloud Server

When you host your software with AirDesk Legal you can access your software from any device, any time, and from any location.

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Save money.

Hosting your software with us will help save you the cost of purchasing your own servers and hiring an IT consultant. We'll buy the servers & handle all of your IT.

Access your software on all of your devices.

When you host with us you don't have to worry about installing software on all of your devices. We install & manage your software on our servers that you can access on all of our devices through the cloud.

Don't worry about software updates.

With your software hosted on our servers you don't have to worry about updates. We will handle the software updates for you & ensure that your software is up to date & running properly.

Reliablity and up time.

Our network of servers will ensure that your software and data is backed up regularly. Don't worry about your server crashing. We have multiple servers that back up your software and data to keep your firm up and running.

Legal Cloud Software

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Access all of your Software on the AirDesk Legal Cloud

Legal Software in the Cloud

With AirDesk Legal you can access all of your software from all of your devices. We handle all of your software and hardware updates.

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Your law firm has a lot of options when it comes to cloud storage providers. However, it’s important to know the majority of them don’t specialize in working with law firms. Also, they don’t offer the same level of security and protection that AirDesk does. Our experience and expertise will keep your software up to date and running without interruptions. We host more than 25 different legal software programs so you can be confident that we have the software that your company needs.

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AirDesk® Legal provides a full suite of cloud-based services for law office automation. Everything you need from virtual servers to hosted practice management software is available to streamline your legal practice.

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