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Citrix Desktop and Application Delivery from the Cloud

Deploying and upgrading Citrix Workspace can be time consuming. Our turn-key Citrix infrastructure is built for cloud delivery and is easy to deploy and manage. The heavy lifting is done for you. Start deploying Citrix apps and desktops today!

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Citrix Desktops and Applications from the Cloud

Quickly move your organization to the latest Citrix Workspace

A crucial part of business success is efficient, accessible, and reliable IT systems. With Citrix Workspace from AirDesk you get that and more, plus the move is seamless and transparent. Enjoy the benefits of mobile device access from anywhere and anytime

Benefits of AirDesk Citrix Workspace


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State-of-the-art Citrix

AirDesk Citrix Workspace is built up on the latest Citrix technology and protocols.

Eliminate in-house deployment or upgrades

If you are planning a Citrix deployment or major upgrade that can be entirely eliminated. The AirDesk Citrix Cloud is turn-key.

Business continuity

Eliminate business risk from local events and add redundancy and security.


Scale your business with more control and manage costs.

IT Strategic focus

Get back to managing the strategic aspects of IT rather than basic infrastructure.

Seamless migration

Make the move to AirDesk in the background while you conduct business.

Learn About Document Cloud Hosting

Access all of your Applications and Documents from the AirDesk Citrix Workspace

Learn what AirDesk Citrix Workspace has to offer!

Organizations with multiple offices greatly benefit from a single central IT infrastructure. It is simpler to manage and maintain and users are more productive working from a common set of resources. With Citrix Workspace your employees can digitally access, store, and manage all their documents in the cloud.

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Access Documents On All Devices

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You have invested a lot if your systems and processes that make your business successful. AirDesk has developed a streamlined process for migrating customers onto cloud services. Our AirDesk team has migrated hundreds of business processes to the cloud while keeping existing processes intact and efficient. The migration happens behind the scenes with a key emphasis on zero disruption to staff and the organization. AIrDesk has experience storing and managing millions of documents and supporting hundreds of organizations. When it comes to choosing the best desktop or application cloud service for your firm, experience really does count!

Learn About Document Cloud Hosting

AirDesk® Legal provides a full suite of cloud-based services for law office automation. Everything you need from virtual servers to hosted practice management software is available to streamline your legal practice.

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