Embrace the Cloud

IT systems you can see, touch and feel can be a hard thing to let go and that can be compounded when companies have older or “legacy” software programs that were never intended to be cloud based or accessed from a mobile device. A company’s day-to-day operations rely heavily on these accounting, CRM or any number of other programs. It is important to note that recent advancements will allow companies to use these software programs from any web-enabled mobile smart phone, tablet or laptop. In other words, by moving to the cloud, employees can have access to any software, any application from any device anywhere, any time (with an Internet connection). That is huge. On a practical level, they have the same capabilities at home, on the beach or at their client’s office as they do from their desk. That’s a game changer for all industries.

Another benefit is that cloud-based solutions are always current. Companies don’t have to suffer through the long march to obsolescence that comes when they purchase a hardcopy version of a software solution. Companies don’t have to ever worry about using an outdated version of mission critical software before they will need to spend money to buy licenses for a newer version because they can be automatically updated.

It’s important to do your homework before selecting a cloud-based solution provider. Companies should always look for a partner who can understand your company’s specific needs and follow the guidelines that are specific to your organization and industry. For example in the legal industry, the cloud provider should have facilities that surpass the published ethics requirements of the ABA and local Bar Associations and can handle encryption. Take a look at security and functionality before deciding to go with any solution, whether it is cloud-based or not.

Beyond overcoming the triple threat of flood, fire and theft, transitioning to the cloud has been shown to reduce infrastructure spending, boosts staff productivity, and raise operating profit. The evolution is happening and companies are leaving the earth-bound IT systems to embrace the freedom of working among the clouds.