Cloud Benefits

The evolution of cloud computing has gone from being a mysterious, nebulous thing to an aspect of everyday business life. Most consumers and businesses are comfortable with tools such as Amazon or Office 365, which are available through the cloud. The immediate benefits are obvious: no large programs to host on-site, better ability to collaborate and the ability to access the programs remotely, providing a great deal of business freedom.

But these online apps are only the tip of the iceberg. Companies that move their entire business operations to the cloud are seeing enormous benefits. Companies large and small can realize cost savings, gain flexibility and become many times more secure overnight by moving to the cloud.

While it may seem scary to move not only files and data, but also software applications and operations to the cloud, the benefits can be significant.

One of the most visibly noticeable changes a company would see is that the on-site server room filled with aging, expensive servers and other IT equipment is suddenly available for other uses. A cloud-based IT system negates the need for that room because the hardware that was taking up space, breaking down, sucking power and in constant need of upgrading and maintenance is instantly obsolete because the information and applications are housed at a secure, off-site facility.