About AirDesk® Legal

As the leading cloud technology provider for law firms, AirDesk Legal has helped a myriad of law firms successfully navigate the journey to the cloud. AirDesk stores and manages millions of crucial legal documents for firms all over the United States and has partnered with most of the legal case management software developers to integrate cloud and application delivery.

In the early years of the transition from in-house servers to legal cloud services, the AirDesk team acted as advisors to the legal independent consultant community and helped establish guidelines for today’s paperless office. AirDesk Legal has been key in assisting early adopters and is a leader in defining the future of cloud service for law firms.

AirDesk Legal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AirDesk Solutions® which provides a broad cross section of cloud services from managed data centers world-wide.

AirDesk Legal/CyberlinkASP
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