8 Ways to Significantly Reduce Email Spam

It’s almost impossible to have an email address these days and not get some kind of spam. There’s simply too much of it. But, there are several ways to significantly reduce the amount you receive. Below are eight of them:

  • Protect Your Email Address. A) Only share your primary email address with people you know and trust; B) Have and use a secondary, disposable email address for everything else such as online shopping, website registration forms, and/or downloads; C) Don’t post your email address on public forums or blogs; D) When appropriate, select or deselect boxes on web registration forms to avoid receiving future information and offers from companies in which you’re not interested.
  • Install and Use a Good Spam Filter at Your Company’s Email Gateway. Use a spam filter to automatically sort and mark emails as either legitimate or spam based on the sender’s name, email address, email content, and/or domain name. Not only will this help keep unwanted emails from reaching your inbox, but it will also protect your company’s network from email-borne viruses and worms. (For a list of some of the best anti-spam software, visit: )
  • Train Your Email Solution and Spam Filter. If you do receive spam emails, mark them as spam or junk email in your email solution or spam filter. This will prevent similar spam emails from reaching your inbox in the future. In addition, go through your spam folder once a day and white list any emails that aren’t spam. By doing this, your spam filter will learn what you do and don’t consider spam, and it will get better and better at identifying spam emails over time.
  • Delete Any Emails You Receive from Questionable or Unknown Sources.
  • Unsubscribe from Any Promotional Emails You Signed Up for But No Longer Wish to Receive. Fortunately, the unsubscribe option does work with reputable companies.
  • Don’t Reply to Spam Messages or Click on Any Links in these Emails. Responding to spam messages or trying to unsubscribe or ask to be removed from a spammer’s email list will only confirm to the spammer your email is valid and you may receive even more spam.
  • Block Email Messages from Countries or Geographic Regions Where You Don’t Do Business. For example, emails from India, Mexico, or Russia.
  • Change your Email Address and Delete Your Old Account. If all else fails and you receive so much spam it becomes unbearable, consider changing your email address and deleting your old account. It’s an extreme option, but one that’s available, if necessary.
By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to greatly reduce the amount of spam both you and your company receive, and also save time and be more productive in managing your email.
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