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When you move to the cloud you reduce costs, improve work/life balance, increase focus on billable hours, and protect your business against unexpected interruptions

Reduce costs

Reduce IT costs with cloud storage

Work life balance

Improved life balance with cloud computing

Focus on billable hours

Focus on billable hours with cloud computing

Business continuity

Business continuity in the Cloud

Cloud computing for Law Firms

All your Legal IT systems managed securely and cost effectively in the cloud.



legal documents managed



professional lives improved



business expenses saved



business interruptions avoided



law firm processes streamlined

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AirDesk® Legal

Move your firm to the cloud

Airdesk Legal

AirDesk® makes it easy to access applications and update information from the office, home, or while traveling. With AirDesk, software, documents, and data are available anywhere and at any time from your own secure virtual desk.

Your in-house server is migrated to the cloud and the result is a simple, secure, and productive information management system. With your server in the cloud you get back to doing what you do best. AirDesk’s services enable state-of-the-art practices for firms of all sizes.

If you haven’t realized the productivity gains and cost savings of cloud services, it’s time to optimize your time and expertise with AirDesk Legal.

What Clients Say

Cloud Computing Customer

Secure cloud storage for Lawyers

Secure Cloud storage for lawyers

All facilities are backed by a state-of-the-art security system, ensuring critical information remains safeguarded at all times. HIPAA, PCI, AICPA and other crucial standards are regularly audited by independent agencies. Our customers regularly pass banking audits for law firms.

Case Studies

  • Smith knowles law firm office embraces airdesk cloud storage
    Law Firm Smith Knowles Embraces the Cloud and Gains Bottom-Line Results

    “By moving to the cloud, we’ve saved money and gained flexibility in ways we never imagined… Bottom line results were …

      Download the case study here!  
  • Iowa Law uses airdesk legal virtual law software
    Iowa Law Group Ditches In-House IT for Business in the Cloud

    “Now that we have experienced life in the cloud and the benefits it provides, we can never ever go back.” …

      Download the case study here!  

Cloud Hosted Software

Best Case Cloud

Best Case Cloud

Intuit Quickbooks Cloud

Intuit Quickbooks Cloud

LexisNexis Products

Time Matters

CaseMap® Suite

PC Law

Time Matters Case Management Software

Needles Legal Case Management

Needles Legal Case Management

Office 365

Office 365 Cloud

Prevail Case Management Software

Prevail Case Management Software

Smart Advocate Legal Software

Smart Advocate Legal Software

And Dozens of other Software

Multiple Other Legal Softwares

AirDesk® Legal provides a full suite of cloud-based services for law office automation. Everything you need from virtual servers to hosted practice management software is available to streamline your legal practice.

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